Ice-Binding Protein Conference:  PROGRAM            
August 3 - 6, 2011  Queen's University, Kingston Ontario CANADA

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Wednesday August  3rd

Check-in and Registration at the Donald Gordon Conference Centre**
5:00-6:30pm Dinner
6:30 pm
Recommended social event: Sunset Ceremonies at Fort Henry

** Everyone attending the meeting must check in at the front desk whether you are staying at the Donald Gordon Conference Centre or not.

 Thursday August  4th

Physiology of freeze avoidance and freeze tolerance
(Co-chairs: Art DeVries and Jack Duman)

 8:30 am Peter Davies
Opening remarks.
 8:40 am
Dr. Art DeVries "Freeze avoidance in fishes"
 9:10 am Dr. Clive Evans "Labeled nanoparticles as a proxy for ice crystals in Antarctic fishes"
 9:25 am
Dr. Peter Davies
"Prospecting for insect antifreeze proteins"
 9:40 am Dr. Ji Ma "A novel function of heat inducible expression of insect antifreeze protein genes from the desert beetle Microdera punctipesnnis"
 9:55 am Group Photograph
Meet on the front steps of the Donald Gordon Centre
10:00 am Coffee Break
10:30 am Dr. Larry Gusta "Freeze avoidance/tolerance in plants"
11:00 am YunHo Gwak 
"Stress Responsibility of Antifreeze Protein from Antarctic Marine Diatom"
11:15 am Dr. Mike McKay
"Bacterial ice nucleating activity associated with a winter phytoplankton assemblage in Lake Erie"
11:30 am Adam Middleton
Late breaking discovery
12:00-1:00 pm

4:00 pm
First Poster Session (Conference room B)
5:30 pm

Ice nucleation and the link to antifreeze proteins
(Co-chairs: Sakae Tsuda and Virginia Walker)

7:00 pm
Dr. Art DeVries
Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation
7:30 pm
Dr. Andrey Kajava "Proteins with tandem repeats: sequence, structure and binding to ice"
8:00 pm
Dr. Hiroki Nada
"Significant alternations in anisotropic ice growth rate induced by bacterial ice-nucleating proteins"
8:30 pm
Dr. Peter Wilson
"The effects of type 1 AFPs on the heterogeneous nucleation temperature of solution –- a surprising result”"
8:45 pm
Heather Tomalty
"Characterization of the interaction between a microbial ice nucleation protein and a plant antifreeze protein"
9:00 pm
Round-table discussion
(Topics will include: the relationship between INPs and AFPs)

Friday August  5th
(we have the opportunity to switch these sessions)

Mechanism of IBP action 
(Co-chairs: Andrzej Wierzbicki and Peter Davies)

 8:30 am Dr. Charles Knight
"Understanding antifreeze behavior; errors in the antifreeze literature"  Keynote Speech
 9:10 am Dr. Yoshinori Furukawa "Anisotropy effect of antifreeze proteins for ice crystal growth"
 9:40 am
Dr. Erlend Kristiansen "Salt-induced enhancement of antifreeze protein activity: A salting-out effect"
 9:55 am Dr. Gen Sazaki
"Direct visualization of effects of antifreeze protein by advanced optical microscopy: step bunching and oscillatory growth"
10:10 am
Nutrition Break
10:30 am Dr. Maya Bar Dolev "Ice Structuring by Ice Binding Proteins-  Morphology modification during melting"
10:45 am Dr. Ido Braslavsky "The case for irreversible binding of IBPs to ice"
11:15 am Dr. Michael Kuiper "Molecular dynamics of antifreeze proteins at the ice-water interface: Getting computers to freeze"
11:30 am Christopher Garnham "Anchored clathrate waters bind antifreeze proteins to ice"
11:45 - 12:00 pm
Dr. Andrzej Wierzbicki "Binding of type I AFPs to ice"
12:15-1:15 pm

Structure-function relationships and evolution of IBPs
(Co-chairs: Christina Cheng and Laurie Graham)

1:30 pm
Dr. Chi-Hing Christina  Cheng
"Evolution of the genomic AFGP locus in the Antarctic toothfish Dissostichus mawsoni"
2:00 pm
Dr. Margaret Harding  
"Design and Synthesis of Antifreeze Glycoproteins and Mimics"
Dr. Eduardo Howard 
"Neutron structure of type-III Antifreeze Protein allows the reconstruction of AFP-ice interface"
2:30 pm
Dr. Hidemasa Kondo
"Crystal structure of antifreeze protein from a snow mold fungus."
2:45 pm
Nutrition break
3:15 pm
Dr. Hak Jun Kim "Characterization of recombinant AY30 antifreeze proteins from Leucosporidium sp."
3:30 pm
Dr. Mariève Desjardins “A potential role for antifreeze protein gene dosage in wolfish speciation”
3:45 pm
Dr. Laurie Graham 
"Acquisition of insect and fish AFPs by convergent evolution or lateral gene transfer"
4:15 - 4:45 pm
Dr. Jim Raymond
"Horizontal transfer of ice-binding protein genes in microorganisms"

5:30- 6:30 pm
7:00 pm
Second Poster Session Conference Room B

Saturday August 6th

Biotechnical and commercial applications for IBPs
(Co-chairs: Ido Braslavsky and Garth Fletcher)

Dr. Doug Goff
"Ice Structuring Protein Applications in Ice Cream"
 9:15 am
Dr. Garth Fletcher
"How would you make a transgenic fish that can resist freezing?"
 9:30 am
Dr. Suong Hyu Hyon
"The creation of antifreeze polyamino acid with the cryoprotective function"
 9:45 am
Dr. Takaaki Inada "Applications of antifreeze proteins and antifreeze synthetic polymers in ice slurry systems"
10:00 am
Nutrition Break

10:30 am
Dr. Sakae Tsuda "Recent technological developments utilizing antifreeze protein"
11:00 am
Dr. Virginia Walker
"Green gas hydrate inhibitors?"
11:15 am
Dr.Carsten Budke "Recrystallization kinetics and inhibition caused by ice binding agents"
11:30 am
Dr. Peter Davies
Closing remarks
11:45 am

Each session is a mixture of
  • invited 30-min talks (22 min presentation + 8 mins for discussion)
  • and 15-min presentations (10 min presentation + 5 mins for discussion) mostly picked from the submitted poster abstracts.
Confirmed Speakers:

  • Dr.Maya Bar
  • Ido Braslavsky
  • Carsten Budke
  • Christina Cheng
  • Peter Davies
  • Art DeVries
  • Mariève Desjardins
  • Clive Evans
  • Garth Fletcher
  • Yoshinori Furukawa
  • Christopher Garnham
  • Doug Goff
  • Laurie Graham
  • Larry Gusta
  • Margaret Harding 
  • Eduardo Howard
  • Suong Hyu Hyon
  • Takaaki Inada
  • Andrey Kajava
  • Hak Jun Kim
  • Charles Knight
  • Hidemasa Kondo
  • Erlend Kristiansen
  • Michael Kuiper
  • Hiroki Nada
  • Jim Raymond
  • Gen Sazaki
  • Heather Tomalty
  • Sakae Tsuda
  • Virginia Walker
  • Andrzej Wierzbicki
  • Peter Wilson
    Keynote Speaker: Dr. Charles Knight

    Lifetime Achievement Award:
    Dr. Arthur DeVries

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