Ice-Binding Protein Conference:  WORKSHOPS            
August 3 - 6, 2011  Queen's University, Kingston Ontario CANADA

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IBP Workshops

The Aug 3 workshop will be held on campus on the 6th floor of Botterell Hall and the second floor of the Biosciences Complex.

Hands-on instruction will be offered in:

  1. Thermal hysteresis measurements and ice crystal morphology capture
  2. Ice affinity purification
  3. Fluorescence-based ice plane affinity (FIPA) analysis and labeling of IBPs
  4. Ice nucleation assays using an automated apparatus.
Participants are welcome to bring their own samples for these analysis.

Perishable samples can be shipped ahead of time to:

Dr. Peter L. Davies
Department of Biochemistry
Botterell Hall, Rm 643
18 Stuart St.
Queen’s University
Kingston, Ontario

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