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Dr. Robert L. Campbell,

Ph.D. (MIT), B.Sc. (Queen's University at Kingston),
Adjunct Assistant Professor,
Senior Research Associate,
Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences,
Queen's University

Robert Campbell

Work-related topics

PyMOL Crystallography, Modelling and Bioinformatics Mass spectrometry

Recent publications:


  • Vance, TDR, Olijve, LLC, Campbell, RL, Voets, IK, Davies, PL, Guo, S (2014) Ca2+-stabilized adhesin helps an Antarctic bacterium reach out and bind ice. Bioscience Reports[Epub ahead of print] PubMed: 24892750
  • Partha SK, Ravulapalli R, Allingham JS, Campbell RL, Davies PL (2014) Crystal structure of calpain-3 penta-EF-hand domain: A homodimerized PEF family member with calcium bound at the fifth EF-hand. FEBS Journal 281, 3138-49. PubMed: 24846670
  • Sun,T, Feng-Hsu Lin, F-H, Campbell, RL, Allingham, JS, and Davies, PL (2014) An antifreeze protein folds with an interior network of over 400 semi-clathrate waters. Science 343, 795-8. PubMed: 24531972


  • Joshi M, Duan D, Drew D, Jia Z, Davis D, Campbell RL, Allingham JS (2013) Kar3Vik1 mechanochemistry is inhibited by mutation or deletion of the C terminus of the Vik1 subunit. J Biol Chem. 288, 36957-70. PubMed: 24024640
  • Guo, S, Garnham, CP, Partha, SK, Campbell, RL, Allingham, JS, Davies, PL (2013) Role of Ca2+ in folding the tandem β-sandwich extender domains of a bacterial ice-binding adhesion. FEBS Journal 280, 5919-32. PubMed: 24024640


  • Campbell RL, Davies PL (2012) Structure-function relationships in calpains. Biochem J. 447, 335-51. PubMed: 23035980
  • Middleton, AJ, Marshall, CB, Faucher, F, Bar-Dolev, M, Braslavsky, I, Campbell, RL, Walker, VK and Davies, PL (2012) Antifreeze protein from freeze-tolerant grass has a beta-roll fold with an irregularly structured ice-binding site. J. Mol. Biol. 416, 713-724 PubMed: 22306740
  • Middleton, AJ, Marshall, CB, Faucher, F, Bar-Dolev, M, Braslavsky, I, Campbell, RL, Walker, VK, Davies, PL (2012) Antifreeze Protein from Freeze-Tolerant Grass Has a Beta-Roll Fold with an Irregularly Structured Ice-Binding Site. J. Mol. Biol. 416, 713-724 PubMed: 22306740

Non-work stuff

Cycling Sailing

email: robert.campbell@queensu.ca

Robert L. Campbell, Ph.D.
Department of Biochemistry
Botterell Hall, Rm 644
Queen's University
Kingston, ON K7L 3N6

(613) 533-6821
FAX: (613) 533-2497

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